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Q & A Section

Try it out ! It's free! - Really?
This is a free trial offer; there is no commitment on your part. The "Personal Profile" will provide an overview of your motivations and behaviours. Later on you may wish to order other potential assessment reports that provide more detailed content depending on the type of report ordered. Refer to the "Available Reports" section for more details on content and price.

"Invalid Access Code" message?
Please make sure you have entered the code as indicated. Alphanumerical order, hyphens or inverting letters could provoke an "Invalid Code" message. For example, please ensure that "i" and "o" caps have not been mistaken for numbers "1" and "0".

How do I access my file directly?
Enter your user name and password in the "Login" section exactly as you entered them when you filled in your questionnaire.

You would like to see or print your report in another language?
Enter "Login", change " language" and "Save".

Is it safe to pay with a credit card?
We use the well-known PayPal secure payment system; fees can be paid through a PayPal account or by credit card.

Does the transmitted information remain confidential?
Yes, do not hesitate to consult our "Confidentiality and Security" section at the bottom of the page for more detailed information.

Will I received unsolicited emails if I register?
ProfileSoft does not sell its user list and has taken the necessary measures to protect confidential data. For more information, feel free to consult our "Confidentiality and Security section".

Why is the data not being updated?
Make sure that your browser's parameters always indicate the most recent version of the pages saved "at each visit to the page". To check, consult your "Internet Options" "Parameters".

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